Eight Essentials to Improve Patient Collections

With higher co-pays and deductibles every year, your patients are responsible for paying more and more of their therapy costs out of their own pockets. This means a growing amount of your revenue is tied to direct patient payments and every dollar counts. You are putting a significant amount of revenue at risk if you’re not on top of collecting patient payments—especially at the beginning of the year when health insurance deductibles reset.

Prevent lost revenue due to poor patient collections. Learn eight easy and essential tips that will make patient collections an easy, routine and comfortable part of patient interactions and operational workflow.

Download the Eight Essentials to Improve Patient Collections. You will learn:

  • Collections training tips to empower your team
  • Process improvements you can adopt to ease collections
  • Communications tips and policies to encourage prompt and full payment

Increase Revenue


Decrease Administrative Costs


Minimize Time to Collect up to


Clients speak louder than words

Having access to data is essential... Since we've started with Clinicient we've been able to improve our overall workflows and run automated processes that were not automated, but people intensive.
John Woolf, PT, ProActive Physical Therapy