Marketing Toolkit: 33 Practical Tips for Growing Your Practice

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What do baseball and marketing have in common? Besides an obsession for stats and analytics, a step-by-step strategy is often the best way to bring home a win. But do you know what’s needed to build out your game-winning marketing strategy? A focus on the strategic actions that will take you one step closer to your business goals and help put wins on the scoreboard is key to delivering value to your patients.

Download this 10-page toolkit to learn the ins and outs of marketing your practice, plus surefire ways to win over new patients.

Toolkit highlights include:

  • 15 things to check when auditing your brand
  • The key to getting your emails opened
  • How a patient engagement platform can help build your web presence
  • A checklist to ensure you’re effectively marketing and communicating with patients
  • And much more

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Joan Ward, MSPT ActivePT Sports, MN

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