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Building Better Outcomes: The 'It' Factor that Enables Top Therapists to Succeed

Webinar Summary

When it comes to clinical outcomes, a patient’s road to recovery is driven by much more than the clinical techniques used by their therapist. There are several factors that influence a successful outcome. Some are obvious, but many are not - unless you know what to look for.

What is that secret sauce? Why do some therapists get “better outcomes” than others? Is it because of their clinical skills or is there something more? What is “it”?

As part of our mission to improve 20 million lives, we are taking a fun and innovative approach to exploring these questions and more. This webinar explores the therapeutic alliance - a topic that has gotten a lot of attention. Join patient experience guru, John Woolf, along with Clinicient VPs, Doug Schumann and Jerry Henderson, to learn the key factors that go into making a therapeutic alliance stick.

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