Free Podcast: Collect Copays with Compassion

Learn How To Compassionately Collect Copays

Financial conversations with patients can be difficult. Yet with declining reimbursement and rising costs, collecting co-pays and co-insurance upfront can make or break your practice. Learn from PT and practice co-owner, Karen Carlson, the simple steps and compassionate approach Grand River Physical Therapy has used to steadily improve their daily cash collections.

"Prior to partnering with Clinicient, we had a very large disconnect between our billing office and our front desk. Our billing system was not linked to our scheduling and documentation system, so keeping patients up to speed with what they owed us was pretty difficult. We switched over to Clinicient’s Revenue Cycle Management program and things have steadily improved since. Our receptionist is able to give accurate information to our patients at each visit now regarding their co-insurances and we’re able to keep up to see what the insurance companies are paying."

Karen Carlson

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