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4 Key Metrics for Increasing Practice Revenue

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When it comes to increasing your practice revenue, few activities are as effective as diving into your metrics and reporting tools. Used effectively, metrics can give you insight into what’s working in your practice, alert you to complications coming down the road and provide your organization with a roadmap for the future.

Having trouble understanding which metrics to track to help boost your practice revenue? Don’t sweat it! Download our infographic to learn four key metrics to track and why each of them is important to your practice revenue.

  • Learn which metric can tell you if you’re bringing in enough revenue per visit
  • How to tell if you’re collecting patient balances at the right rate
  • And more

Everything in one place to run a thriving, patient-centric practice.

Clinical Documentation

Enjoy speed and ease with a single patient record, simple charting and a robust content library.

Registration & Scheduling

Have everything at your fingertips to streamline patient intake, scheduling and practice management.

Billing & Collections

Grow revenue, cut denials and speed payment with claims management, billing and collections software.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain unparalleled visibility and insight with interactive reporting, performance metrics and analytics.

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The integration of the schedule, billing and the documentation is user friendly. Once you customize your evaluations templates evaluations are a breeze.

Raphael, Physical Therapist at Portera Rehabilitation

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