Free Case Study: Grand River Physical Therapy

Learn How a Busy Michigan Clinic Leverages Revenue-Cycle Management Solutions to Improve Therapist Efficiency and Boost its Bottom Line.

When Karen Carlson and Gail Braun opened Grand River Physical Therapy in Ionia, Michigan, their mission was twofold: Provide great patient care in a traditionally under-served community, and do it in a way that left them time for their families. Within weeks, they were swamped with full schedules, and their lone receptionist was turning away business. Eventually, they partnered with Clinicient and have seen steady improvement ever since. 
  • Increased first pass payment rate to 92%
  • Reduced cancellation and no-show rate to 4%
  • Streamlined their office workflow
  • Improved their bottom-line using data analytics 

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Clients speak louder than words

Our team member and Clinicient's team member work together on a weekly basis in order to clean up the AR and collect from patients and solve collection issues related to insurance companies. It's like having an extra back office.
Joan Ward MSPT, CEO
ActivePT and Sports, MN