Free Podcast: How to Get More Referrals

Learn How You Can Increase Revenue Through Increasing Referrals

The average referral is worth $1,000. Does that sound like your practice?

The value behind each of your referral patients may be greater than you think. Learn how to get the most out of referrals by taking control of the referral management cycle in this exclusive podcast with Sturdy McKee, MPT, CEO of San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, and co-founder of ScheduleDoc.Co.

Listen in and find out how indicators such as attendance and goal-setting relate to revenue potential, learn which referral list data will make your marketing more effective, and discover why it is vital to make patients understand the value of what you offer.

"Clinicient allows us to look at metrics in a way that we couldn’t previously, and puts the data we need right at our finger tips. Now we can look at referral sources eight ways to Sunday. This makes it really simple for us to pull information, organize and understand it so we can make strategic decisions based on the real data as opposed to our gut feel."

Sturdy McKee

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