Clinicient is trusted and proven to help therapy practices manage patient care efficiently and get paid more!

Clinicient’s single-system software and data-driven coaching has helped fuel double-digit growth for our clients. Our customizable system makes documentation easy for therapists and helps ensure complete and compliant billing.

  • Saves time and eliminates therapist’s paperwork burdens so they have more time for patient care
  • Drives faster and fuller payments with automated processes and a dedicated team
  • Delivers unparalleled insight and coaching to help continually improve performance

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Increase Revenue 8-12%

Decrease Costs 25-35%

Minimize Time to Collect up to 25%

Clients Speak Louder Than Words

I’ve never looked back, at any other provider, because of my confidence in Clinicient, their ability to stay ahead of us… and offer more than we ever expected.

- Mike Studer, PT / Owner, Northwest Rehabilitation Associates