Free Checklist: How to Maximize the Value of Your Referrals

Learn How to Maximize Referrals and Boost Retention Rates

Front desk staff, therapists, office managers and owners all play vital roles in building the relationships that lead to more valuable referrals.

Get this simple referral check list that front desk, therapists, managers and owners can use now to:

  • Create a positive first and last impression
  • Boost conversion and retention rates
  • Increase patient engagement 
  • Improve communications with patients and physicians
  • Create raving fans that recommend you to others

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Increase Revenue


Decrease Administrative Costs


Minimize Time-to-Payment


Clients speak louder than words

Our team member and Clinicient's team member work together on a weekly basis in order to clean up the AR and collect from patients and solve collection issues related to insurance companies. It's like having an extra back office
Joan Ward MSPT, CEO
ActivePT and Sports, MN