Value-Based Care Survival Guide for the Busy Therapist  [webinar]

Recorded on
Tuesday, March 27th, 2018
10am - 11am Pacific Time
1pm - 2pm Eastern Time

59 percent of healthcare payments are expected to be value-based by 2020 according to HHS. It’s not just about public payers like CMS, private payers, hospitals and health systems are already looking downstream to reduce costs and achieve better outcomes, which puts physical therapists in a prime spot to make a difference in the care continuum. While this is welcome news, therapists not ready for the switch will quickly get left behind.

Take control of this opportunity before it’s too late. Get the latest insight on how value-based care is changing healthcare and therapy payments and learn steps you can take now to adapt and prosper through payment reform.

Join Clinicient VP Ken McCumber and value-based care strategist Holly Taylor for this information-packed webinar. You will learn:

  • The latest value-based care trends
  • How both private and public payers are adopting value-based care
  • What’s going on with MIPS
  • Opportunities and challenges for therapists
  • How you can prepare for and succeed in value-based care

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