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California Clinic Shifts from Reactive Fire-fighting to Growth Planning Thanks to Clinicient Partnership

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CPRx is a booming practice in Southern California with two clinics and hopes to grow into more locations. But with the therapy industry evolving and competitive pressure mounting, CPRx was struggling to move past “putting out fires” and plan proactively for the future. The practice owners knew that in order to survive, they needed a partner to deliver software, services and reporting tools to help them perform across the entire business.

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  • Increase total visits year over year
  • Decrease cancellations
  • Boost their revenue per visit
  • Use data to make smart decisions to grow

Everything in one place to run a thriving, patient-centric practice.

Clinical Documentation

Enjoy speed and ease with a single patient record, simple charting and a robust content library.

Registration & Scheduling

Have everything at your fingertips to streamline patient intake, scheduling and practice management.

Billing & Collections

Grow revenue, cut denials and speed payment with claims management, billing and collections software.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain unparalleled visibility and insight with interactive reporting, performance metrics and analytics.

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Clinicient has been the right choice for my practice. I feel very comfortable recommending Clinicient to anyone who is considering a new EMR system.

James G., Owner at Physical Therapy Practice

The integration of the schedule, billing and the documentation is user friendly. Once you customize your evaluations templates evaluations are a breeze.

Raphael, Physical Therapist at Portera Rehabilitation

Go ahead. See how fast and simple documentation can be.

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