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The Five Essentials for a Winning Front Desk Experience

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Your front desk is so much more than the busy place where administrative work gets done. More importantly, the front desk delivers the first, and often last, experience a patient has with your practice.

How do you turn this front desk experience into a winning strategy to help create loyal, life-long patients who recommend your services to their friends and family? (We’ll let you in on a secret—it’s not about the paperwork.)

Download the five front desk essentials every practice should follow to delight patients. You will learn:

  • Why patient loyalty begins and ends with a smile
  • What can make or break the patient experience at the front desk
  • What front desk communications are essential to create a lasting bond
  • Which “soft” skills to prioritize over administrative skills
  • How to streamline processes and free-up time for patient relationships

Everything in one place to run a thriving, patient-centric practice.

Clinical Documentation

Enjoy speed and ease with a single patient record, simple charting and a robust content library.

Registration & Scheduling

Have everything at your fingertips to streamline patient intake, scheduling and practice management.

Billing & Collections

Grow revenue, cut denials and speed payment with claims management, billing and collections software.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain unparalleled visibility and insight with interactive reporting, performance metrics and analytics.

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Clinicient has been the right choice for my practice. I feel very comfortable recommending Clinicient to anyone who is considering a new EMR system.

James G., Owner at Physical Therapy Practice

The integration of the schedule, billing and the documentation is user friendly. Once you customize your evaluations templates evaluations are a breeze.

Raphael, Physical Therapist at Portera Rehabilitation

Go ahead. See how fast and simple documentation can be.

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