Atlanta Therapist leverages partnership to drive efficiency 

Georgia Sports Physical Therapy - A Clinicient Case Study

When Lamar Frasier, DPT, CSCS, CKPT, founded Georgia Sports Physical Therapy in early 2014, he selected Clinicient's TotalInsight because he wanted to get things right from the beginning.
“From a usability standpoint it’s great, mainly because it’s really simple.” The process is “so smooth,” he says, that “I can run through all the details that go into an evaluation while I’m still maintaining eye contact with the patient.” The bottom line, Frasier adds, is the Clinicient system allows him to start treating his clients faster, which is better for them — and better for business.

Georgia Sports PT's partnership has enabled them to:

  • Maintain a cancellation rate of less than 5%
  • Collect 93% of copays upfront
  • Receive "first pass" for 88 percent of the claims submitted
  • Expand the practice by hiring additional Therapists

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Increase Revenue


Decrease Costs


Minimize Time to Collect up to


Clients speak louder than words

Our team member and Clinicient's team member work together on a weekly basis in order to clean up the AR and collect from patients and solve collection issues related to insurance companies. It's like having an extra back office.
Joan Ward MSPT, CEO
ActivePT and Sports, MN