What You Need to Know About Using Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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One of the biggest challenges for businesses is developing strong, impactful relationships with your customers. And while most of us can get fixated on attracting new customers, taking care of your current ones and learning from them is equally important. Do you have a method for knowing how patients view your practice and if they’d recommend it to a friend? A simple, one question survey can help you find out.

Download this tip sheet to learn the benefits of Net Promoter Score programs and simple ways you can use it in your practice. Learn how you can use NPS to:

  • Keep a pulse on patient satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Boost patient retention
  • Create word-of-mouth, social media and online review programs that deliver results

Clinicient is amazing. We’re getting EOBs and payment back in 6 days from Blue Cross Blue Shield! Automated billing is a beautiful thing. I only regret not doing this sooner.

Joan Ward, MSPT ActivePT Sports, MN

Are you leaving money on the table? Spending too much time documenting and not enough with your patients? Talk to one of our experts today about you how you can get more from your EMR/Billing software...