Clinicient's cloud-based EMR system cuts PTI's documentation time by 50%

Physical Therapy Innovations (PTI) - A Clinicient Case Study

With physical therapy reimbursement now linked to quality of care, PT practices like PTI must prove their clinicians are actually helping their patients get better. Doing so is a matter of business survival, and success depends entirely upon thorough and accurate documentation. Which sounds simple enough — until you consider the workload of physical therapy and administrative staff in a busy clinic. That’s where Clinicient made all the difference.

Learn how Clinicient helped PTI improve documentation, optimize their revenue cycle and enabled them to:

  • Cut documentation time by 50 percent

  • Bring their billing error rate down to less than 10 percent
  • See a double-digit increase in collections

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Increase Revenue


Decrease Administrative Costs


Minimize Time to Collect up to


Clients speak louder than words

Our team member and Clinicient's team member work together on a weekly basis in order to clean up the AR and collect from patients and solve collection issues related to insurance companies. It's like having an extra back office.
Joan Ward MSPT, CEO
ActivePT and Sports, MN