PT practice sees immediate gains in efficiency and collections

ProRehab PT - A Clinicient Case Study

The first time the ProRehab Physical & Occupational Therapy team left paper charting behind, the result, says Heather England, DPT, was “an absolute disaster.” Tired of getting “burned”, they switched to Clinicient TotalInsight in 2014 and haven’t looked back. “It’s been so wonderful, it’s almost unbelievable. We’re like, ‘Wait a minute, is this really happening?’ And it is.”

The switch has enabled ProRehab to:

  • Shorten their time to collect by 40 days
  • Make patient no-shows and cancellations virtually a thing of the past
  • Maximize their billable time without fear of reprisal for honest mistakes
  • Easily explain the importance of following their plan of care to patients

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Increase Revenue


Decrease Costs


Minimize Time to Collect up to


Clients speak louder than words

Our team member and Clinicient's team member work together on a weekly basis in order to clean up the AR and collect from patients and solve collection issues related to insurance companies. It's like having an extra back office.
Joan Ward MSPT, CEO
ActivePT and Sports, MN